Yekimed  is a holder of intellectutal property appertaining to carrier materials for the short- and long-term release of biological agents and pharmacological drugs. By virtue of their physiological composition, the carrier materials are highly biocompatible and undergo complete degradation along intrinsic metabolic and excretory pathways. Furthermore, their bodily residence time can be modulated from a few days to several months, and their mechanical properties can be adapted to suit site-specific, viz., hard- or soft- tissue needs.

Founder Team

Prof. Ernst B. Hunziker, MD, PhD
Prof. Klaas de Groot, PhD
Prof. Yuelian Liu, DDS

Product Portfolio

Yekimed`s drug – releasing carriers are highly suited for use in the repair (engineering) of skeletal (bone, cartilage, tendon) and soft tissues (e.g., in breast reconstruction), as well as in the genetic engineering of the latter and of organs, and in the filling of defect-forming genetic malformations. They also hold the potential for cosmetic use, for example, in the smoothing of skin wrinkles (as a physiological alternative to Botox). Yekimed`s drug-release system is likewise suitable for the carriage of antibiotics in the context of local anti-infection therapy.

Yekimed`s carriers can also be instigated for the release of systemically- active drugs, such as hormones, analgesics or psychotropic agents, which need to be delivered at low but sustained and constant levels. And in renal dialysis systems, they can be used to deliver the morphogens that are required to modulate the hormonal-activity profile of haematopoietic stem- and kidney cells.